The development of FERI is a real success story. Since the beginning FERI is a familial orientated research- and management consulting enterprise, FERI was founded in 1987 and strategically supported by the “Quandt” family as an independent family office. Today it has become Germanys leading independent consultant for institutional and private assets. FERI employs more than 200 staff, spread over offices in Bad Homburg, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Luxembourg, Vienna and Zurich.

However, performance and success cannot only be measured by the size or international presence of a business. It is also about the track records a company can generate within the respective market or market segment in addition to key performance indicators. FERI has actively developed the investment-related sector in German speaking countries and acted as a pioneer in some of its core segments. FERI was the first company to form an extern Family Office, the first independent company to offer fund-based financial consulting for larger assets and the first company to act as an independent consultant for institutional investors.

Feri Trust (Luxembourg) S.A.


Our office in Luxembourg

18, Boulevard de la Foire
L-1528 Luxembourg

p +352 270448-0
f +352 270448-729

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Our parent company in Germany.

Our affiliated company in Germany.

FERI (Schweiz) AG
Our affiliated company in Switzerland.

FERI Cognitive Finance Institute
Think Tank of FERI for strategic topics and recommendations for investors.